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Call us by number +7 / 843 / 210-24-22 or leave a request

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Who we are

We provide IT outsourcing services For 6 years we provide uninterrupted operation of the infrastructure of small and medium-sized businesses.
We are engaged in the implementation of IT systems of various levels of complexity.

  • 6 year of experience in IT field
  • 80 successfully completed projects
  • More than 1200 equipment is serviced
  • Certified Staff
  • Team with great ideas

What we can do

  • Computer Services. IT outsourcing
  • Data Backup
  • Implementing an IP Telephony System
  • Installation of SCS
  • Running an office at no cost. Terminal services
  • IT Audit. Find out all about your infrastructure
  • Servers and workstations Virtualization
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  • PROBLEMS1. The slow speed of the accounting program.
    2. Unstable internet connection.
    3. Huge resolution time to problems when they arise.
    4. A huge number of roles on one physical server, which led to a halt in all the activities of the company while troubleshooting one of the services on a server.
    5. Users had administrator privilages on theis PCs, which led to all sort of problems in OS.
    6. The lack print server, so the office employee could not send the print to a printer in warehouse.
    7. Lack of enterprice level network equipment. All switches and routers are home use.

    SOLUTIONS1. New server hardware has been purchased according to customer needs. NVMe SSD High Speed ​​Solid State Drives Installed.
    2. A virtualization environment has been introduced for optimal use of server resources and separation of roles at the virtual server level, which has increased the stability of services.
    3. Implementation of Domain services infrastructure, which finally allowed to administer “by hand”.
    4. The introduction of an automatic archiving system at the virtual machine level has increased the resiliency of critical services.
    5. Office, warehouse and shops are combined into a single network space using VPN.
    6. Warehouse implemented seamless Wi-Fi roaming for the convenience of using wireless barcode scanners.
    7. Installation and setup of Mikrotik professional equipment.
    8. Servicing computers with SLA

    RESULTDue to the described changes in the IT infrastructure, the following results were achieved:
    1. Operational speed of accounting software "1C" has been increased.
    2. The efficiency of changes in the company has grown 5 times due to the use of a domain infrastructure.
    3. The number of calls to the technical support was reduced three times.
    4. Downtime was reduced significantly by isolating business applications at the virtual server level.
    5. Optimized work due to a single network printing space in the company.
    6. After all the changes, an agreement was signed for an IT outsourcing service. This desicion allowed to reduce IT operating costs by 20% and increase business efficiency.

  • Торговая Сеть Prohorenko EduardHead of the "Augustina" Trading Network An indicator of the result was the enthusiasm of the employees from operational speed of the accounting software and the computer network as a whole. Thanks to the replacement of the central device, the Internet connection was more stable than ever. After that, someone had to take care for computers and servers, since competencies of the part-time IT specialist was already lacking. The offer of this company seemed expensive to us, since for this money it was possible to hire a fulltime specialist. But realizing that, while cooperating with a IT service company, we hire a whole team of specialists and the company's responsibility is higher than the employee, we decided to try it.
  • PROBLEMS1. Cables are not organized in the server cabinet. The cable system is not numbered.
    2. Slow performance of the terminal server from thin clients.
    3. Network scanning and printing did not work due to outdated equipment.
    4. On all computers, users had administrator rights.
    5. No backup was configured for critical data.
    6. The speed of the local network is 10 times lower than the possible 1000 Mbps due to the use of the FastEthernet switch.

    SOLUTIONS1. Server hardware was updated.
    2. A schedule has been agreed to replace obsolete printing devices and BlindScaner client-server solution has been used as a temporary solution.
    3. Implemented Active Directory Domain Services to centralize resource management.
    4. Mikrotik CRS125-24G-1S-RM Layer 3 switch purchased and configured.
    5. Backup system has been implemented using free software.
    6. Cable system has been reorganized and numbered for comfortable support.
    7. Server OS has been optimized.
    8. A contract was signed for IT outsourcing service.

    RESULT1. Downtime in the work of employees was reduced by 3 times.
    2. LAN speed increased 10 times.
    3. Recovery of critical information is carried out within 2-3 hours.
    4. High availability of critical infrastructure components due to backup system.
    5. Problems with network printing and copying have been reduced due to a workaround, but not completely resolved. The solution is only possible after replacing obsolete equipment completely.
    6. The level of security and stability has been increased by implementing of domain infrastructure.

  • Торговая компания Igor Gennadievich Head of LLC "Agema Machinery TSK" Want to express my deep gratitude to the specialists of TSS LLC for the competent approach in optimization our IT infrastructure. As a result, failures and technical malfunctions in the system are not observed. The increase in productivity, comfort and usability were also noted. Incidents that arise are resolved quickly by filing applications in a special program or by phone. The employees of this organization are real professionals in their field, highly qualified, polite, and responsive.
  • PROBLEMS1. Archiving of company-critical information was not performed, which could lead to complete or partial data loss.
    2. Regular computer used by the user was also used as the file server, which affected the performance and data security.
    3. Slow work of computers and laptops in the company.
    4. An unstable Internet connection through the mobile 4G modem. Used 2 separate devices in different cabinets. There was no single network space between computers.
    5. Backup procedure of accounting DB was done manually.
    6. The structured cabling system in the building remained from the past tenant and did not function properly.
    7. There was no telephony system.
    8. All users had elevated accounts.

    SOLUTIONS1. A network storage is installed with automatic scheduled data archiving.
    2. All computers and laptops have SSD disks installed as the main ones. Users were over the moon, because of computers performance.
    3. Restored structured cabling system. As a central router Mikrotik 125-24G-1S-RMhas been installed. Wi-Fi roaming is organized in the office, which made it possible to combine all computers into a single network space.
    4. An ISP has been changed to the one that uses wired connection technology.
    5. The telephony system is organized based on the Panasonic analogue PBX.

    RESULT1. By implementing Archiving system of critical information, the level of information security is enhanced.
    2. The stability and speed of computers has increased several times.
    3. Failures in the software were halved, because the list of allowed software is strictly regulated by management and employees do not have the right to install programs on their PCs.
    4. The data flow speed between employees has been increased due to computer’s hardware upgrade and the optimization of the exchange of information, so all computers are now in a single network.
    5. The work of departments has been optimized due to the implemented telephony system.

  • Construction Rafailov Semen Viktorovich CEO of "RSK" IVAR" LLC After all the changes, we realized that it was better to entrust the maintenance of our IT infrastructure to professionals, since in modern realities it is one of the critical components of a business. I want to note that we really liked the service contract. It contained all the details of the service and, most importantly, financial responsibility for SLA violation.
  • PROBLEMS1. On all computers, users have full admin rights, which allows them to install any soft, that leads to system instability.
    2. No Backup for critical company data.
    3. The use of computer resources is not optimized, since the same software for working with one database is installed on each computer.
    4. There is no redundancy of power for critical company equipment.
    5. There is no single point of administration of client computers in the form of a domain controller with the number of computers over 30 PCs.
    6. Internet connection periodically goes down.
    7. Problem solving take a long time as the freelance IT specialist solved them only during a visit to the company’s office.
    8. The absence of any documentation on IT infrastructure in the company.

    SOLUTIONS1. Server equipment was purchased to consolidate the company's business applications and ensure reliable data storage.
    2. The domain infrastructure was implemented in the company, which allowed to accelerate change implementation process within the company and increase the stability of the IT infrastructure as a whole.
    3. Configured Remote Desktop Services on the server using RemoteApp technology for accounting 1C software, which allowed to unload employees' computers.
    4. UPS has been purchased to ensure stable operation of critical equipment.
    5. The optimal Internet provider was selected to meet the needs of the business, and the backup of the Internet channel was configured using 4G wireless technology when the main one is down.

    RESULTBecause of the changes made to the customer’s infrastructure, the following results were achieved.
    1. Critical company data is protected. And data recovery in case of corruption takes several hours ..
    2. Installing new network printer of scanner is a piece of cake now, due to domain infrastructure and the use of group policies.
    3. Internet connection availability, due to reservation of the Internet channel is now 99%.
    4. An agreement was signed on IT outsourcing services, which allowed to reduce IT infrastructure maintenance costs by 22%. Now the time to resolve problems is strictly regulated by the SLA service level agreement.

  • Production Samokhin Mikhail Aleksandrovich CEO of "Medical Case" LLC

customers about us

  • "Arslan" LLC
    Руководитель "Arslan" LLC We were advised to contact the TSS company by the person filling up our copy equipment, and we were not disappointed. An engineer arrived within an hour and solved the problem within 30 minutes ...
  • "Agema Machinery" LLC
    Руководитель "Agema Machinery" LLC Chosing services of this company, I have never regretted my decision. I want to wish success and prosperity to the team of specialists and I hope for further and long-term cooperation
  • "Sviyagastroy" LLC
    Руководитель "Sviyagastroy" LLC Our gratitude to the company "TSS" for perfect cooperation and the transition to the third year of our contract. Employees of TechnoSystemSevris are true professionals in their field.
  • Ad Agency "RA Maks" LLC
    Руководитель Ad Agency "RA Maks" LLC Specialists are at a phone call away. In addition to standard help with computers, the company conducts periodic checks. That’s why we have information about the state of our computers and what risks we face.
  • "Cosmomedical" LLC
    Руководитель "Cosmomedical" LLC We came to this company by recommendation. At that time, we had problems with the slow performance of the 1C software and, as it turned out, also problems with automatic database archiving. Employees suggested installing the server and after that it became a pleasure to work in the program.
  • "Metalino" LLC
    Руководитель "Metalino" LLC The responsiveness of the guys is amazing. They not only help to cope with problems when working in the office, but also happily advise on issues related to home computers of employees
  • "TK Region" LLC
    Руководитель "TK Region" LLC Due to the high level of professionalism, our company can fully concentrate on its work, since we forgot about global technical problems. It is especially pleasing that the guys appreciate our time and quickly solve problems both remotely and locally.
  • "Cosmomed" LLC
    Руководитель "Cosmomed" LLC The guys always have eyes burning, apparently this is really their favorite work of life, because with each of their appearance we will learn so much from the IT world! And there is nothing to say about the work of our network - as it says, “when nothing hurts” you don’t think about it! We wish TSS LLC development and prosper! Thanks. Thanks…
  • "DoorSystems" LLC
    Руководитель "DoorSystems" LLC After we decided to implement solutions from the TSS company, we never regretted it. For 7 months we have been cooperating with this company as part of IT outsourcing services.
  • "IVAR" LLC
    Руководитель "IVAR" LLC For 2 years now, we have been cooperating with this company within IT outsourcing services contract. Special thanks we want to say to the employee Gibadullin Ramis for his warm and patient attitude in solving our requests.

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