Call us by number +7 / 843 / 210-24-22 or leave a request

Call us by number +7 / 843 / 210-24-22 or leave a request

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Computer Services from Kazan

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Benefits of IT Outsourcing

Service activation process

  • Auditing your IT infrastructure
  • Sending you an offer
  • Signing a service contract
  • Standardizing your IT infrastructure
  • Introducing our ticket system to all company employees
  • You enjoy the stable operation of your IT infrastructure

Our Cases

  • PROBLEMS1. Permanent server shutdown.
    2. Problems with printers and MFPs.
    3. Unstable work of operating systems on computers. Permanent errors, pop-up banners.
    4. Internet connection according to users' statements is very slow.

    SOLUTIONS1. Chosen optimum Internet Service Provider.
    2. Mikrotik network equipment has been installed.
    3. QoS(quality of service) has been configured to optimize the use of the Internet channel.
    4. New server equipment was installed, as the old one did not meet the needs of the business and partially failed.
    5. The domain infrastructure was implemented, which increased the stability of the OS and solved the problem with printing.

    RESULT1. Stable and fair Internet access to all employees in the company. Using all bandwith by one employee now impossible.
    2. Sudden server shutdowns are in the past. Work at times more stable and faster.
    3. Employees lost their administrative rights on their computers, and there is no more installation of various software by them. The operating system now works much more stable than before. Thanks to the domain infrastructure.

  • Production Kolodkin Sergey Valeryevich"Metalino" company CEO The responsiveness of the guys is amazing. They not only help to cope with problems, but also happily advise their employees. We wish the TSS team achievements in the professional field and look forward to successful cooperation with you.
  • PROBLEMS1. Problems in the work of Elma CRM system.
    2. Catastrophically slow operation of the accounting program 1C.
    3. Problems accessing the server from the Kazan branch.
    4. Workgroup infrastructure with distributed offices and a large number of computers.
    5. Single network space between branches and the central office.

    SOLUTIONS1. A physical server with SSD disk system is leased in the data center for high availability of business applications 24x7x365.
    2. A virtualization environment is installed on the leased server to optimize the use of resources and isolate business applications.
    3. Domain infrastructure has been implemented.
    4. All business applications migrated to the virtual environment of the leased server.
    5. Archiving of virtual servers to the office file server is configured.
    6. Network equipment replaced to Enterprise class equipment.
    7. Optimal ISP has been chosen.

    RESULT1. Access to the CRM system and 1С programm is now permanent.
    2. Work speed has been increased several times.
    3. By using of professional network equipment and good service of ISP, it is now possible to achieve a reliable VPN connection between branches.
    4. By implementing domain infrastructure in the company, implementing IT infrastructure changes has become much faster.

  • Service Voroncov Andrey Michailovich"DoorSystems" company CEO After we nevertheless decided to implement this solution from the TSS company, we never regretted it. For 7 months we have been cooperating with this company as part of IT outsourcing contract. serving 5 virtual, 2 physical servers and 27 computers in 2 distributed offices
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customers about us

  • "Arslan" LLC
    Руководитель "Arslan" LLC We were advised to contact the TSS company by the person filling up our copy equipment, and we were not disappointed. An engineer arrived within an hour and solved the problem within 30 minutes ...
  • "Agema Machinery" LLC
    Руководитель "Agema Machinery" LLC Chosing services of this company, I have never regretted my decision. I want to wish success and prosperity to the team of specialists and I hope for further and long-term cooperation
  • "Sviyagastroy" LLC
    Руководитель "Sviyagastroy" LLC Our gratitude to the company "TSS" for perfect cooperation and the transition to the third year of our contract. Employees of TechnoSystemSevris are true professionals in their field.
  • Ad Agency "RA Maks" LLC
    Руководитель Ad Agency "RA Maks" LLC Specialists are at a phone call away. In addition to standard help with computers, the company conducts periodic checks. That’s why we have information about the state of our computers and what risks we face.
  • "Cosmomedical" LLC
    Руководитель "Cosmomedical" LLC We came to this company by recommendation. At that time, we had problems with the slow performance of the 1C software and, as it turned out, also problems with automatic database archiving. Employees suggested installing the server and after that it became a pleasure to work in the program.
  • "Metalino" LLC
    Руководитель "Metalino" LLC The responsiveness of the guys is amazing. They not only help to cope with problems when working in the office, but also happily advise on issues related to home computers of employees
  • "TK Region" LLC
    Руководитель "TK Region" LLC Due to the high level of professionalism, our company can fully concentrate on its work, since we forgot about global technical problems. It is especially pleasing that the guys appreciate our time and quickly solve problems both remotely and locally.
  • "Cosmomed" LLC
    Руководитель "Cosmomed" LLC The guys always have eyes burning, apparently this is really their favorite work of life, because with each of their appearance we will learn so much from the IT world! And there is nothing to say about the work of our network - as it says, “when nothing hurts” you don’t think about it! We wish TSS LLC development and prosper! Thanks. Thanks…
  • "DoorSystems" LLC
    Руководитель "DoorSystems" LLC After we decided to implement solutions from the TSS company, we never regretted it. For 7 months we have been cooperating with this company as part of IT outsourcing services.
  • "IVAR" LLC
    Руководитель "IVAR" LLC For 2 years now, we have been cooperating with this company within IT outsourcing services contract. Special thanks we want to say to the employee Gibadullin Ramis for his warm and patient attitude in solving our requests.

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